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What is the long term strategy for dealing with Spamhaus?

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I’m still waiting for my VPS to be delisted from Spamhaus – and now they have “accidentally” disabled their own delist (captcha) page so I can’t even submit a request myself.

This is borderline criminal on their part. When did we turn the keys to the internet over to Spamhaus — and what can site5 do to prevent this kind of email hostage-take from happening again?

We need a fix to this, quickly and we need protection from it happening again. What is the game plan here?

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First, please allow me to apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you. We are well aware how frustrating this is for you, and for all of our customers. We have a team of people specifically working on this, and ensuring that all blocks are lifted as quickly as possible.

As for what we can do to prevent this from happening again, we have already taken steps. We are implementing stricter rules on our outgoing mail servers, which will more actively work against spam exiting our servers. We are still fine-tuning this to ensure that as much legitimate mail is sent normally while stopping as much spam as possible. This is on top of our regular monitoring, done by humans to prevent error.

SpamHaus does not have the “keys to the internet”, though in a situation like this it certainly seems that they might. They are a relatively large, reliable, and reputable RBL provider, and they are very widely used because of this. What appears to have happened – and please note that this is my personal speculation, based on my experience, and it is not an official answer to this – is that a few accounts on a few different servers were compromised, and SpamHaus acted a little overzealously. We are working closely with them to prevent this from happening in the future. Despite the fact that they only appear to come to people’s attention when they stop mail, SpamHaus is actually very much in the business of letting email through – this sort of thing is as upsetting to them as it is to us, and you.

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