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Can we block IP addresses in our email accounts?

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Is there a simple method by which we can block certain IP addresses from delivering mail to an account? Or even domains?

Specifically, I’d like to block *.ru domains (or *.biz, etc.) or IP ranges such as:

Does the option under SiteAdmin -> Email -> Filters allow this? Are wildcards allowed or escape characters needed?

Finally, is there a specific order that the various filter methods use to handle filters/spam/blacklists?

Such as:

1st SpamAssassin
2nd SiteAdmin filters
3rd Horde filters

In my case, I want to filters to apply to all email accounts!


Answer #1

Hello Walt,

I hope this reply finds you well!

In regards to blocking different TLD (top level domains – e.g. .biz and .ru), you can create a filter in the Email Filters section of SiteAdmin.

Use the following filter conditions to filter that TLD
From -> Contains -> .ru

From there, you have the option of discarding the message, fail with message, or any of the other filter actions you see.

Create another filter for the .biz TLD and that should fix your problem.

For information on how to create filters in SiteAdmin, please see the following link…

In regards to blocking emails via IP, a similar approach can be used.

Create a new filter using the following conditions…
Any Header -> contains -> [46.20.176.

Notice that we left the end of the IP range off. You will also notice that we have an opening square bracket ([) before we insert the IP address/range. This helps prevent false positives (e.g. 246.20.176.*).

While this is not a 100% fool proof method, it should prevent most emails from being delivered that have that IP address in the header.

As for the order of filters, it should be as follows…

1. Email Filters (SiteAdmin)
2. SpamAssassin
3. Webmail/Email Client Filters (Horde, Outlook, etc.)

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment here, or if you prefer, you can open a ticket with our support department directly through Backstage.

Happy Hosting!

Answers Answered By: joliver [476 Blue Star Level]

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