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How To Honor “Do Not Track?”

We are relatively small non-profit with a new website. I have recently started Google Analytics on the site and after more site setup will buy some clicks Google Ads to generate some traffic. While...

Answers 1 Answer In: Advanced By: [2 Grey Star Level] Jan 12, 2016

Updating Drush?

I know site5 has installed Drush...thanks very much. How will it be updated? Are we to use composer and do the updates for our sites? Thank you.

Answers 1 Answer In: Drupal By: [2 Grey Star Level] Jan 12, 2016

Do you support MS Access?

I have a client database on MS Access which I want on put on webhost. Do you support MS Access? Is there a cpanel utility that does that ?

Answers 1 Answer In: Databases By: [2 Grey Star Level] Dec 29, 2015

How to copy website using file manager

file manager copy website

Answers 2 Answers In: Advanced By: [2 Grey Star Level] Dec 28, 2015

cPanel Email Forwarders and Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS)

Is there a way to enable a Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS) on email forwarders created in cPanel? SRS rewrites the sender envelope so that the email appears to originate from the forwarding server rather...

Answers 2 Answers In: Sendmail By: [3 Grey Star Level] Dec 16, 2015

When will Site5 offer Magento 2.0?

eCommerce just released Magento 2.0, Community Edition. Any timetable for checking it out and making it available for Site5? Walt...

Answers 2 Answers In: SiteAdmin By: [4 Grey Star Level] Dec 2, 2015

How to enter reverse lookup in DNS in cpanel for my MX record?

I have my own email I have set up for our office. I have entered the MX recored for it and it works fine, I can receive email but the problem is that when I send email from this server the mail gets either...

Answers 1 Answer In: Advanced By: [2 Grey Star Level] Dec 1, 2015

opcache not loaded on my server how to activate it ?

Hello, i have a message no opcache loaded for caching code on my cms. how i can activate it ? or APC for caching as an alternative. Thanks in advance. Mohamed

Answers 5 Answers In: PHP By: [2 Grey Star Level] Nov 21, 2015

How to migrate an email account from Yahoo Business to Site5?

I have a small business account with Yahoo, and I want to move the emails to Site5 (I have the domain and hosting service over here). How do I do that seamlessly (there are about 15 email accounts on this...

Answers 1 Answer In: Email By: [2 Grey Star Level] Nov 18, 2015

mysql 5.6+

Hello, is there any planned time frame for a rollout of mysql 5.6/5.7? I was hoping to set up a new site using Magento 2.0, though it requires mysql to be at least 5.6.

Answers 4 Answers In: MySQL By: [2 Grey Star Level] Nov 18, 2015
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