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I recently set up service with Site 5. I will have multiple domains/sites hosted here. Two of the sites are Ecommerce sites that will need SSL certificates with one possibly using an extended validation cert.

If I request a dedicated IP, is it assigned to a specific domain or is it the same for all of the hosted domains/sites? Do I need more than one dedicated IP for each SSL and domain?

I had a multi domain SSL on my previous provider, but the SSL information showed that it was owned/maintained by my primary domain. I don’t want my primary domain to be listed at all on the SSL information. I would prefer if the SSL showed the domain to be owned by the company it represents.

The shared hosting and SSL set up has always confused me a bit.

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Hello! The SSL process can be a little confusing, I admit, but let me try to break this down for you. If you want to cover two different domains with SSL certificates, you will need two IP addresses, one for each domain, and two SSL certificates. This is assuming that each of the domains is on its own account (has its own SiteAdmin login, and is not an Addon Domain to another). This is the best option, though you need a MultiAdmin account with us (HostPro+Turbo or a VPS) to make it work.

If one of these domains is an Addon Domain, then you will need to have the dedicated IP address assigned to the parent domain, and the SSL certificate applied as normal to the actual domain that is using it. If both of these domains are Addon Domains to the same parent, then you will need to get the multidomain SSL you describe.

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