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SSL usage on reseller account

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I would like to secure my billing system and was thinking of having it at I understand this would need a dedicated IP and a certificate installed.

I would also like to give my clients access to a secure cPanel so I could use

The certificates I am looking at are the domain certs Rapid SSL and Positive SSL

I have 3 questions:
Which SSL cert to go for?
Is it better practice to use a sub domain for the clients billing system or just use a directory?
Is shared certificate possible if so, can I use the same certificate for shared cPanel access?

I hope that all makes sense. Any pointers would be appreciated.

Answer #1


Great questions. I would first like to point out that we provide the Cpanel installation, and that it is already secured by our shared SSL certificate, so you would not need to do that part.

Go answer your other questions, though:

The choice of SSL certificate is really up to you. We provide a PositiveSSL for purchase that would work normally for you. That being said, if you purchase a RapidSSL certificate we can certainly install that one for you, as well.

The difference between a subdomain and a directory for this really comes down to a few decisions. To answer this properly, I’ll have to explain how SSL certificates work, and what they cover. Please bear with me 🙂

An SSL certificate covers a very specific domain. A certificate issued for will return an error when a visitor accesses (without the www.) – from the server’s point of view, the two are different. As well, certificates are installed to IP addresses, meaning you will need to have a dedicated IP address on the main domain (this carries over to subdomains, as well). If you have multiple sections that will need to be covered, you will need to purchase a certificate for the main domain, and use folders. Or purchase a wildcard certificate, which covers * (basically, all subdomains).

Finally, the shared certificate is installed, and is used by default when your customers access their Cpanel interface. You can use this for your billing areas as well, if you like – please note that it changes the URL, as described in

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Answer #2

Thanks for your detailed answer.

After reading this and some other articles I think I will go for the sub domain. It will give me the advantage of placing the billing / support portion of the hosting on a different server, which I see as more secure and also beneficial if customers require support if the hosting server has problems.

What I didn’t realise is that I could use the same dedicated IP for certificates on the sub domain and main domain (if I understand correctly).

With regards the cPanel, I don’t want my clients to see the site5 server address when connected securely and be able to use my domain name. Can this be done? I thought I may be able to use a cert on say and use

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Answer #3

If you go with subdomains, you will need a wildcard certificate, as they would all have the same IP address.

For Cpanel, each resold account would have it’s own URL – they would not login using your domain name, but their own. It can be accessed non-securely, of course, but if a secure login is needed, each resold account would need it’s own SSL certificate.

Answers Answered By: jdavey [359 Blue Star Level]

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