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Can a Reseller Premier be further upgraded?

Can a Reseller Premier account be upgraded with more Diskspace and Bandwidth (with an additional charge per GB)?

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Upgrades a la carte are not possible, no. To upgrade a particular resource, the whole plan would need to be upgraded. The next step up, in disk space and bandwidth, would be a VPS5 as listed at

Answers Answered By: jdavey [359 Blue Star Level]

Answer #2

Instead of buying a VPS why not get another reseller package?

Answers Answered By: jesin [2 Grey Star Level]

Answer #3

That is an option as well, but please note that the resources cannot be split – one account cannot pass it’s unused bandwidth to another account that may be over it’s limit, for example.

Answers Answered By: jdavey [359 Blue Star Level]

Answer #4

Jesin’s response is valid. Why should somebody pay more than twice the price for virtually the same thing (Reseller vs VPS4)?

However I can see two valid reasons, should Site5 is able to verify them.

1) The hardware resources of VPS may be superior and thus more responsive even under heavier load.

2) The “oversell” thing may be what I believe it sounds like: (e.g. Currently, I have created a package with a 5GB disk space. Therefore in my Reseller account with 120GB disk space, the system allows me to sell only 24 packages even though all those 24 customers together may not actually use more than 50GB.
In the VPS4, I suppose that I can sell as many of the 5GB packages I want (i.e. oversell), as long as the actual disk space, taken by all the customers together, does not exceed the VPS4’s limit of 100GB.)

Can somebody at Site5 confirm the above two assumptions?

Answers Answered By: swayinfo [16 Grey Star Level]

Answer #5


The hardware used in a reseller server is the same as that used in a VPS – the difference is that on a VPS, it’s yours. Nobody else has access to the resources assigned to you.

Overselling is not enabled on any of our plans – we can enable it if needed, but only for short term issues, and it is always disabled within 24 hours.

Answers Answered By: jdavey [359 Blue Star Level]

Answer #6

Well, I misunderstood the following phrase in the VPS Reseller Hosting features description:

What makes the VPS hosting at Site5 different than your standard reseller hosting plan? The idea here is simple. With 100% dedicated services, The resources on the server-side belong to you. So you can in turn oversell without the worry of outages and out of control users.

What is there to oversell?

Answers Answered By: swayinfo [16 Grey Star Level]

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